Who are we?

Horsley Evangelical Church began back in 1947 when a few Christian believers started meeting in the home of an Edith Carr. Today on a typical Sunday morning over 70 people meet in the flint building that was once a barn and for a time housed one of Sir Donald Campbell’s famous “Bluebird” racing cars.

However the Bible teaches that a church is not a building but a group of people, and those who come to HEC are of widely different ages, background and nationalities.

Many of us are committed Christians who are united in our love for God and a desire to follow Jesus Christ and make him known to others. None of us claims to be perfect, but we understand our faith in Christ as a gift from God and we want to grow in that faith with the encouragement and friendship of each other.

However there are many who come to the church who would not yet claim to have such a personal faith, and we welcome those who simply want to find out more. If you want to know more about what a Christian really is click here .

We are an EVANGELICAL church, which simply means that we seek to base all that we do and believe upon the teachings of the Bible, which we believe to be God’s word in its entirety. Further details can be found here.

We are led by ELDERS and DEACONS. The elders are mainly responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church, and our teaching elder (minister) is Rev Ken McIntosh who leads the majority of our Sunday services. The deacons are mainly concerned with organising the practical affairs of the church.