Our church is fully open for Sunday Morning and Evening services at 10.45am and 6.30pm respectively.

Live Stream

Services held in the church are streamed for anyone unable to attend in person.

For TVs, tablets and computers on broadband

For slower or metered internet (0.3 GB for 75 minutes)

Recently streamed:

14/08/2022: Keep your confidence (Hebrews 10 v35-v36)

14/08/2022: The greatest place on earth (Psalm 84 v1-v12)

Horsley Evangelical Church East Horsley, on the edge of The North Downs, is a fine place by any measure. Its ancient manors and acclaimed lords & ladies have left their respective legacies, from poetry to the first computer program - and their fantastic flint and brick architecture. In August 1947, Horsley Evangelical Church acquired the old Lovelace barn that is now their home.

This simple barn once housed cattle - and one of Malcolm Campbell's record breaking Bluebird racing cars. Today, it is where many now meet to worship God and learn what He has to say to us through the Bible.

The Church is led by our Minister Ken McIntosh. It's Ken's habit to preach sequentially through books of The Bible in a way that helps everyone understand and benefit from what has been written. It’s our conviction that the Bible’s message is as powerful and relevant today as the day it was penned – we would love you to join with us.